Freestyle investing in the real stars of emerging markets

Rotterdam, 8 November 2006 PRESS RELEASE Freestyle investing in the real stars of emerging markets Robeco has launched a new fund: Robeco Emerging Stars Equities. This fund invests in stocks in emerging markets and is not index-related. This means that the fund manager has full freedom to select the stocks in which he sees the best prospects. Investors thereby obtain access to a highly select basket of stocks in emerging markets: the best stars. Prospects for emerging markets remain good. Most emerging countries are in a healthy financial position and are well positioned for further growth. Stocks in these countries are also still relatively cheap compared to developed markets. Robeco Emerging Stars Equities aims to benefit optimally from this positive outlook. "Currently, the fund invests 50% in Korea and Brazil, two countries that combine a healthy economy with very attractive valuations. In addition, the fund benefits from growing domestic demand in China, high-quality, yet undervalued technology companies in Taiwan, consumption growth in Mexico and very low-priced resources companies in several emerging countries. All-in-all a very attractive mix of countries and stocks, which combine favorable macroeconomic trends, businesses with good growth prospects and valuations that are still low", says Jaap van der Hart, Emerging Stars fund manager. The fund manager is free to select from all emerging markets, including the popular BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China), but can also go for other attractive emerging countries such as Korea, Taiwan, Mexico and South Africa. Van der Hart: "Investors who are prepared to take slightly bigger risks in exchange for higher returns have so far only really been able to make use of the BRIC funds. This is a pity, since there are plenty of other investment opportunities that can be exploited outside the BRIC countries. Our investment policy builds on Robeco's successful emerging-markets policy. Robeco Emerging Stars Equities stands out because of its added flexibility and a focused portfolio of countries and stocks with only the very best prospects. The fund has less diversification and therefore a higher risk-return profile". For this innovative Luxembourg-based fund the selection of the right countries and stocks by Robeco's Emerging Markets team will be key. Robeco has been active in global emerging markets for many years. The Robeco Emerging Markets team has established a strong track record since it started in 1994 and is continuously looking for opportunities for high long-term returns. Fund details: Umbrella: Robeco Capital Growth Funds Fund name: Robeco Emerging Stars Equities Share class: D-share Cap size: all cap Benchmark: no benchmark Currency: EUR Issue price: 100 Dividend policy: no Fee structure: management fee of 1.5% and performance fee of 15% (outperformance over S&P/IFCI Composite Index) Issue structure: open-end ISIN-code: LU0254836850 NAV calculation: the NAV will be calculated on a daily basis Subscriptions/redemptions: subscriptions and redemptions are possible on a daily basis About Robeco Robeco provides discretionary asset-management products and services, as well as a complete range of mutual funds to a large number of institutional and retail clients worldwide. Robeco's product range encompasses fixed-income and equity investments, as well as balanced accounts, money-market funds and alternative investments. Robeco distributes its funds for the retail market directly, and through other financial institutions. Several of its mutual funds, including the flagship Robeco N.V., are listed on major European stock exchanges such as Amsterdam, Paris, Frankfurt and London. Robeco services its clients not only from its head office in Rotterdam but also from its European offices in Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland. In the United States, Robeco has offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco and Toledo (Harbor Capital Advisors). Robeco also has an office in Bahrain and an office in Japan. Robeco is the center for asset management with full operational independence within the Rabobank Group. The combination of the highest credit ratings from the major international rating agencies and the highest Sustainability Cluster Score within the banking sector reflects the high added value Rabobank has always offered its investors, members, clients and employees. Caroline Wroblewski, Robeco Corporate Communications Office: + 31 - 10 - 224 20 29 Mobile: + 31 - 6 - 20681596 E-mail: