AND launches online editable map for navigation

Rotterdam - 5 September 2007 - AND Automotive Navigation Data, leading provider of worldwide digital mapping data for 'in-car' and personal navigation, has released today the first online editable map available to all navigation users in the world. The online editable map is Web/Map 2.0 at its best and now available via The most important indicator of the satisfaction of navigations users is the map accuracy. With Map 2.0 the users of the AND data can now provide feedback directly on the online editable map, pinpointing the exact location and edit the map. The map feedback is immediately visible on the map and available to the user resulting in better routes and an improved navigation experience. The quality control team at AND will closely monitor the map improvements to ensure accuracy. All improvements will be available to the end-users via the online map and via traditional data releases. Map 2.0 is available to all navigation players. They can integrate this tool in their navigation system or integrate this product into their website as mapping feedback tool and part of their online community. Map 2.0 can easily be adjusted to the look and feel of the customers website or navigation system. "It is known that a small percentage of a map is not representing the present situation. With the help of the online editable map AND aims to close this gap and be able to deliver a map that is 100% correct. Map 2.0 will allow AND Automotive Navigation Data to offer our maps real-time to our customers. With this up-to-date map our customers can deliver these maps to the end-users resulting in a better navigation experience" according to Maarten Oldenhof, CEO AND Automotive Navigation Data. About AND Automotive Navigation Data AND Automotive Navigation Data is leading provider of digital mapping data used for location-based services around the world. AND Automotive Navigation Data focuses on the development of digital maps in Europe, North-Africa, Central and South America and Australia. The digital maps are used in personal and 'in-car' navigation, Internet-based mapping, fleet management and more. The company employs approximately 250 employees. The company was founded in 1984, is headquartered in Rotterdam, the Netherlands and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam (AND). AND may be reached via