Pipeline's Average Trade Size Climbs to 50,773 Shares

Industry's Leading Auto-Ex Block Trading Venue Continues to Outpace Competitors NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKETWIRE) -- 11/05/07 -- Pipeline Trading Systems LLC today announced that average trade size in its auto-execution Block Market(TM) surpassed 50,000 shares per trade on November 1. The closest competitors in average trade size are not auto-execution systems, but are indication-based technologies that provide potential predators with the ability to back away from a trade. The nearest auto-execution competitor's average trade size is well below 10,000 shares per trade. Rob McGrath, Head of Trading, Americas at Schroder Investment Management, said, "Our desk is seeing larger and larger fills on Pipeline and we're getting them more frequently. That's why we decided to set up a CSA agreement -- we get best execution and still have the ability to pay for research." "I have been getting larger fills on Pipeline lately, enabling me to complete significant portions of my orders in very large, impact-free block crosses," said Joseph Ward, Equity Trader at Atlanta Capital Management LLC. "These large, anonymous executions represent unmatched execution quality for our clients," said Fred Federspiel, President, Pipeline Trading Systems, "and I am thrilled to see them on the rise." Pipeline offers a unique electronic platform where block traders can enter firm orders for large blocks of stock without the fear of the predatory practices that can occur in traditional trading venues. While Pipeline reduces such predation to the point of extinction, it expands a trader's control in an auto-ex environment. And, over 500 buy- and sell-side firms have embraced the Pipeline marketplace to date. About Pipeline Trading Systems New York City-based Pipeline Trading Systems LLC is a registered broker/dealer and operator of Pipeline, an Alternative Trading System (ATS) that enables institutions and brokerage firms to quickly and efficiently trade large blocks of NYSE, AMEX, and NASDAQ listed issues, ADRs and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). To date, Pipeline's fill rates and its network and systems availability and reliability have been strong. While Pipeline expects those trends to continue, we do not guarantee similar performance in the future. Although there has been no indication to date, high volumes, congested system access and price volatility may impede trading activities. Pipeline Trading Systems LLC is a member of FINRA and SIPC. For more information, visit www.pipelinetrading.com. Contact: Brian Holland Pipeline Trading Systems LLC 212-370-8326 brian.holland@PipelineFinancial.com Bill Haynes BackBay Communications 617-536-0246 bill.haynes@BackBayCommunications.com