Products, consulting and service for heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification and dehumidification from a single source. The new Walter Meier brand represents all of these. As of November 12, 2007, it combines the activities of Axair Kobra, Oertli Service and Vescal under a joint brand name. The objective is to reinforce market presence even further through this concentration of strength. Three well-known Swiss building technology providers, Axair Kobra, Oertli Service and Vescal, will combine to form a single enterprise with about 600 employees. The goal is to strengthen market presence by combining to form a unified corporate and brand identity. Managing Director Martin Kaufmann perceives decisive advantages in this move: "I am convinced that we can profit mutually to an even greater degree from this unified appearance, particularly as we will be in a position to offer our customers complete heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification and dehumidification solutions under a single brand name and from a single source. In addition, Walter Meier, as the unifying corporate and brand designation, promotes this sense of cooperation." The brand change should be considered in the context of the unification of the market image at the group level. The former WMH, of which Axair Kobra, Oertli Service and Vescal had been members for a considerable time, was renamed Walter Meier in September 2007. The current Walter Meier group has its roots in a machine-tool merchandising enterprise founded by Walter Meier in 1937 and expanded in 1972 by Dr. Reto E. Meier to form an international corporation that includes climate as a second operating basis. The new Walter Meier brand, resplendent in brilliant blue, is the emblem of a globally active group that emphasizes its corporate family tradition. With an eye on future development "Contacts for our clients will remain unchanged. However, the change will be evident in that we will no longer use Axair Kobra, Oertli Service or Vescal when answering the phone, but instead Walter Meier. We also want to provide our customers with greatly enhanced service in the future and strengthen our position even further as a provider of solutions for indoor climate" says Martin Kaufmann, explaining the situation. Rapid development in building technology, which is increasingly moving towards complete systems, has provided the impetus for Walter Meier in this respect. "Anyone aiming to be the market leader in indoor climate solutions tomorrow has to organize in a suitable manner today. With this unified appearance along with a common product and service concept we have laid the foundation for this," explains CEO Silvan G.-R. Meier. Our red service cars are now brilliant blue A future-oriented market presence also involves intensive discussion of the topics of comfort, efficiency and ecology. The main emphasis here is on a reduction of CO2 emissions through use of the latest technologies and products. The familiar Oertli and Carrier brands will remain unchanged at the product level. They will now be marketed under the umbrella brand Walter Meier in conjunction with our familiar services. This primarily involves the heating service previously provided by Oertli Service technicians, who are well known throughout Switzerland because of, among other things, their red Oertli Service cars. Effective immediately, as part of the brand change, these will now be on the road all over Switzerland in an equally striking brilliant blue and white bearing the Walter Meier logo. Further information: Martin Kaufmann, Managing Director, Climate Switzerland Walter Meier, Bahnstrasse 24, 8603 Schwerzenbach Phone: +41 44 806 42 14 Silvan G.-R. Meier, CEO Walter Meier, Laubisrütistrasse 24, 8712 Stäfa Phone: +41 44 928 15 15 Walter Meier is a globally-active service and industrial group focusing on two areas of competence: climate and processing. The organization employs approximately 1800 personnel and had sales of almost 800 million CHF in 2006. Walter Meier shares are quoted on the SWX Swiss Exchange (symbol WMN, Security no. 1594024). In addition to its other activities, Walter Meier is the leading provider in Switzerland in all areas of indoor climate: heating, ventilation, cooling, humidification and dehumidification. The pictures and the media release can be downloaded from the following link --- End of Message --- Walter Meier AG Laubisrütistrasse 24 Stäfa WKN: 1594024; ISIN: CH0015940247; Index: SPI, SPIEX, SSCI; ;