Revenues increased by 37% to US$ 8 Million

WizCom Announces Results for Nine Months of 2007 Jerusalem, November 23rd, 2007 - WizCom Technologies Ltd. ("WizCom") (Prime Standard: WZM, IL 0010830706), a leading global provider of handheld scan and translation tools, announces the financial results for the nine months of 2007, reporting a dynamic revenue growth. Highlights for the third quarter of 2007 WizCom achieves record net income. Continued launch of the new generation products in the U.S. and U.K. retail markets. New exclusivity agreement signed with Hexaglot in Germany, Marram Alpha in Croatia, and 360 Management Group in Canada. Financial Highlights Sales in the Nine Months of 2007 increased by 38% to US$ 8.0 million, compared to US$ 5.8 million in the Nine Months of 2006. Gross profit in the Nine Months of 2007 accumulated to US$ 3.2 million and reached 40%, compared to accumulation of US$ 2.5 million reaching 44% in the Nine Months of 2006. Operating income in the Nine Months of 2007 accumulated to US$ 320 thousand, compared to accumulation of US$ 95 thousand in the Nine Months of 2006, representing an increase of 236%. Net income in the Nine Months of 2007 increased by 114% to US$ 122 thousand compared to US$ 57 thousand in the Nine Months of 2006 and US$ 157 thousand for the full year of 2006. Cash and cash equivalents as of September 30, 2007 was US$ 423 thousand, compared to US$ 1.2 million as of December 31, 2006. Net cash used in operating activities amounted to US$ 846 thousand in the Nine Months of fiscal year 2007 compared to cash provided by operating activities of US$ 299 thousand in Nine Months of fiscal year of 2006 and compared to cash provided by operating activities of US$ 430 thousand as of December 31, 2006. Comments and Outlook Mr. Michael Kenan, CEO of WizCom Technologies, commented: "The Nine Months of the fiscal year 2007 brought dynamic revenue growth to WizCom. During Q3 WizCom has signed several important exclusivity agreements in Germany, Croatia and Canada. Those alone are equaling for an order volume of approximately US$ 4 million for the up coming twelve months. The Q3 results do not reflect almost any of the revenues expected from those three exclusivity agreements. Beyond this, it is WizCom's main goal to expand the business in East Europe, in The Americas and in Asia Pacific. The way to do so is to continue the momentum of finding large entities and to sign new exclusivity agreements in other countries all over the world in order to build up an order backlog to make the business more plan able. WizCom's goal is to ad at least two more exclusivity agreements until the first quarter of fiscal year 2008. With the newly announced contracts we have also taken care for a minimum order size for every month to reach a more even distribution of revenues and to avoid one time peaks as we have seen with the sales to Asia in Q1 of 2007. For 2008 WizCom expects to continue its revenue expansion with double digit growth rates." Mr. Roy Cohen, CFO of WizCom Technologies, added: "The strong decrease in cash and cash equivalents is due to inventory increase, especially inventory held in WizCom's ware house for the Chinese client, we estimate that those inventories will be sold until the first quarter of fiscal year 2008." Mr. Roy Cohen further added that "the loss for the third quarter of fiscal year 2007 derives especially from the slow vacation months of August and September, we estimate that sales will be back on track during the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2007". PLEASE NOTE: WizCom's financial statements for the Nine Months and the third quarter of fiscal year 2007 may be viewed via the link at the end of this mail or at the Company's website: About Wizcom Group: WizCom Technologies Ltd. is the world's leading producer of personal, portable scanning pens that help people read and process text. 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