IBTimes Launches the First Forex News Channel by a General Business News Publication

The International Business Times, Inc., a Global Leader in Business News, Announces the Launch of the World's First Foreign Exchange News Portal, Powered by Content From Top Industry Analysts and Forex News Specialists NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - November 27, 2007) - The International Business Times, Inc. (IBT) is launching today the IBT FX Center (www.ibtimes.com/forex), a new foreign exchange (Forex) news portal designed to provide essential currency trading news to traders and investors. As more people switch to currency trading, access to up-to-the second economic information and news shaping global investor sentiment will set apart the winners in the world's largest market, currently estimated to have over $3 trillion in daily turnover. The IBT FX Center, the first forex news channel created by any general online business news site, will empower traders with content from IBT's own international network of reporters, alongside a number of industry-leading news outlets, seasoned forex brokers, and top analysts. The channel will also allow individual traders to share tips and ideas within the site's own 'FX Community,' a global forex forum serving novice and expert traders alike. Visitors to the site will be able to stay on top of the trading curve with news, fundamental analysis, and technical analysis from industry recognized brokerages such as AC Markets and Crown Forex, FX specialty outlets such as Trade the News, Trading Education, and FXStreet.com. There will also be in-depth, timely commentaries from recognized currency experts, Sandy Jadeja, Ashraf Laidi, Darrel Jobman, Hans Nilsson, Howard Marella and many more. "IBT's new FX Center will provide an important bridge for the trader / investor to be well informed on both news and education which is critical to a trader's long term success," Sandy Jadeja, Chief Market Strategist at ODL Securities Ltd, said. "The IBT FX Center is a clean, well thought out portal." "IBT is the only mainstream business media news source committed to supplying the increasing number of forex traders with real-time news updates, comments and other tools for successful trading," Etienne Uzac, Chief Executive Officer of The International Business Times, said. "The IBT FX Center includes an abundance of real-time news, analysis and tools designed to accommodate the specific needs of Forex traders. The service will improve each day as we integrate feedback of industry veterans and our world-wide users, making The IBT FX Center the No. 1 destination for all Forex Informaiton." About The International Business Times The International Business Times Inc. is a worldwide leader in business news reporting, economic commentary and personal finance. With correspondents operating around the globe in every major financial market, International Business Times Inc. delivers the latest news on events defining the economic times of today, and clear insight into the trends of tomorrow. Contact: Rebekah Jefferson Public Relations r.jefferson@ibtimes.com