Estonians rate the services of Rautakesko's stores highest in the country in the building supplies sector

RAUTAKESKO LTD PRESS RELEASE 31.01.2008 AT 09.00 1(1) Estonians think that Rautakesko's stores provide the best service in the building and home improvement retailing. This is included in the findings of the recent study on building, renovation and real estate in 2007, made by the Faktum & Ariko research agency. Rautakesko's stores in Estonia operate under the name K-rautakesko. They were rated higher than their competitors in all categories concerning service, which were sales staff's service-orientation, speed of service, ease of finding products and the overall store appearance. Compared with the year 2006, the marks given by customers to K-rautakesko had improved. The study comprised the eight largest building and home improvement store chains in Estonia. "When the construction boom is starting to fade and the shortage of goods has turned into keen competition, good service has become an important asset. The marks given by customers to K-rautakesko's service prove that we have always considered private customers equal to large clients," says Alo Ivask, Managing Director of Rautakesko AS. The study by Faktum & Ariko is the most thorough annual research on the Estonian building supplies market. The respondents of this nationwide study made in November 2007 consisted of 1,027 Estonians aged from 15 to 74 years. Rautakesko AS is the leading retailer of building and home improvement supplies in Estonia. The company has a total of five stores in Tallinn, Tartu and Pärnu. The number of employees is nearly 450. Photos related to the subject can be downloaded at Further information: Alo Ivask, Managing Director, Rautakesko AS, tel. +372 5011 564 Annika Oja, Marketing Manager, Rautakesko AS, tel. +372 5553 5417 Rautakesko ( is engaged in the building and home improvement trade through the K-rauta, Rautia, Byggmakker and Senukai retail chains. Rautakesko manages its chains, combines their purchasing power, arranges efficient logistics, acquires store sites and guarantees strong marketing and development support to the stores. Rautakesko operates in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and Russia. Kesko ( is a Finnish retail specialist whose stores offer quality to the daily lives of consumers through valued products and services at competitive prices. Kesko has about 2,000 stores engaged in chain operations in the Nordic and Baltic countries, and Russia.