New Sneaker Company African Kicks Group Launches Kicks Inspired by African & Caribbean Countries 'REP WITH EVERY STEP'

NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 02/25/08 -- African Kicks Group announced the official European launch of its Africankicks and WestIndiankicks sneaker lines featuring innovative and appealing designs that showcase various country flags. Each laced up sneaker is made with 100% leather and rubber outsole with a mesh lining. So far the collection consists of Nigeria, Jamaica, Ghana, Senegal and Liberia with plans on more sneakers being designed and added shortly from various countries within Africa and the Caribbean. African Kicks CEO and Marketing Director Femi Olu comments, "We are about repping with every step. Everyone feeling good about their culture, history and where they're from is a good thing. It is good to have an attractive sneaker where the 'bling' is in the culture you are representing. You don't have to rep one particular country, you can rep Jamaica, Ghana, Liberia, etc. You do not even have to come from the particular country you want to rep as wearing a particular country just shows you have love and respect for that culture. This is just the beginning; we are working on more country designs, styles and ideas. We are trying to educate via our footwear and bring awareness, which will bring more value to our brand and the end result is to bring all cultures closer together." In accordance with educating ourselves and others, each country sneaker is attached with a tag explaining the history and meaning of the country's flag. The Africankicks and WestIndiankicks collection will retail for $120 approx GBP 65UK / EUR 85 Euros and will be available in select independent stores and online at their respective websites, and African Kicks Group understands and respects the power of the African and Caribbean communities worldwide. Michael Long-John, Director of Communications for the African Kicks collection, reaffirms and said, "One of our main target goals is to make known the buying power of Africans and Pan-Africans in the world." Knowing the huge population of Africans and Caribbeans in Europe and getting their support will send a strong and clear signal out to the world that Africans and Caribbeans will support quality products that represent them in a positive way. & 30 Second Radio Ad. Campaign: For information: eMail: Mr. Femi Olu (CEO) gRock Media Group Corp c/o African Kicks Group 410 Park Avenue 15th Floor, Suite 460 New York, NY, 10022 USA Tel: 917.210.8387 Fax: 909.752.9710