's Hertogenbosch - Breda - Heijmans N.V. and SPIE Nederland B.V. have reached final agreement concerning the acquisition of 100% of the shares of Heijmans Industrieservice B.V. (Industrial Services - HIS). HIS employs a staff of 335 spread across 3 operations and is active in the industry sector in the Netherlands. Activities include the design, new development, renovation, modification and maintenance of mechanical installations. HIS performs work for customers in the petrochemical, chemical, process and steel industries. Furthermore, HIS is active in the energy and environmental sectors. HIS expects to achieve revenues of over ¤70 million in 2008. SPIE Nederland specialises in technical and industrial services, and is particularly focused on the market segments in which HIS is active. HIS' activities therefore are a better fit for this portfolio. SPIE Nederland achieved revenues of approximately ¤ 220 million last year and has a complement of 1,500 employees. SPIE Nederland is part of the SPIE Group. The SPIE Group is a specialist in electrical, mechanical and HVAC engineering, energy, communication networks and infrastructure. SPIE with more than 27,000 employees and working from nearly 400 locations in 28 countries, achieves revenues of over ¤ 3.5 billions. For more information Analysts and Press Michiel Segers Director of Investor relations and Group Communications +31 73 543 51 90 msegers@heijmans.nl Note: this press release is a translation of a Dutch text. In case of textual contradictions between the Dutch and the English version, the Dutch shall prevail.