GENEART wins "European Biotechnica Award"

- GENEART wins "European Biotechnica Award", awarded by the Deutsche Messe AG and its partners - The award is honouring high innovative strength and a powerful business concept - The prestigious prize comprises of cash and non-cash benefits totalling EUR 100,000 - The British company Astex Therapeutics Limited and the German company immatics biotechnologies GmbH were honoured as finalists Regensburg, October 07, 2008 - GENEART AG, the global leader in gene synthesis and specialist in the field of Synthetic Biology was awarded the "European Biotechnica Award" during the ceremonial opening of "Biotechnica 2008" last night. The prize was presented by the Vice President of the European Commission, Günter Verheugen. The award comprises of a total of EUR 100,000 and honours innovative European companies with powerful business concepts in the areas of biotechnology and life sciences. The winner receives EUR 20,000 in cash and considerable non-cash benefits. In addition to GENEART, the companies Astex Therapeutics Limited and immatics biotechnologies GmbH also reached the final. The prize was awarded for the sixth time by the Deutsche Messe and its partners. Since its market entrance in 2000, GENEART has revolutionized the gene synthesis and lifted the production of gene sequences from a manual lab process to a highly industrialized level. Thereby GENEART provided researchers from industry and science a cost effective and fast access to gene sequences. By now, for instance, pharmaceutical companies profit from this in their development of drugs and vaccines. GENEART is one of the few biotech companies in Germany, which sustainably does not only generate sales but also profits. "We are pleased that our work is validated by the prestigious "European Biotechnica Award". This award emphasizes GENEART's successful advancement since its foundation, and the value of our technology for development in red, white and green biotechnology", stated Prof. Dr. Ralf Wagner, CEO of GENEART AG. For additional information on the Biotechnica Award, please go to For further inquiries, please contact: Bernd Merkl GENEART AG Josef-Engert-Str. 11 93053 Regensburg Germany Phone: +49-(0)941-942 76-638 Fax: +49-(0)941-942 76-711 Frank Ostermair Better Orange IR & HV AG Haidelweg 48 81241 Munich Germany Phone: +49-(0)89-8896906-10 Fax: +49-(0)89-8896906-66 Legal Information This document may contain estimates, prognoses and opinions about company plans and objectives, products or services, future results, opinions about these results or opinions leading up to these results. All these projections into the future are subject to risk, uncertainty and unforeseeable change outside the control of the GENEART Group. Many factors may lead to actual results, which considerably deviate from the given projections for these results. About GENEART AG: In 2000, GENEART entered the gene synthesis market and has since become the global market leader. Today, the company is one of the leading specialists in the Synthetic Biology field. Experts at GENEART provide key technologies for the development and production of new therapeutics and vaccines. Customers also take advantage of GENEART services to customize enzyme attributes, such as the attributes of enzymes used as detergent additives, and to construct bacteria, which produce complex biopolymers or break down polymers, such as synthetics, petroleum components, etc. Our production and service spectrum spans a wide range, from the production of synthetic genes according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000, to the creation of gene libraries in the combinatorial biology, to the development and production of DNA-based biologically active substances. The GENEART AG in Regensburg (Germany) and the subsidiaries GENEART Inc. in Toronto (Canada) and GENEART Inc. in San Francisco (USA) employ more than 190 people. Since May 2006, GENEART is listed on the German Stock Exchange.