Thenergo endorses Flemish coalition agreement

13 July 2009 - 09h00 CET - Regulated Information Antwerp -Thenergo (Euronext Brussels: THEB), a leading developer and operator of decentralized clean energy projects, endorses the Flemish coalition agreement, which was presented yesterday. During its next term of office, the Flemish government will establish a green economy - an economy that will focus on the cradle-to-cradle principle and the energy cycles: two principles of Thenergo's core business. Leysen, Thenergo's subsidiary, is active in the waste and recycling business. The organic materials that Leysen recuperates are used by Thenergo as fuel for the production of green energy. Additionally, the Flemish government has the intention to set up a Flemish energy firm, with working name Vl.Energie, in which PMV will play a key role. Since May of this year, PMV has had an important share in Thenergo. One of Vl.Energie's goals is to encourage renewable energies in Flanders. Thenergo's knowhow, with regard to renewable energy projects, can contribute to the achievement of this goal. The establishment of energy independence through decentralized sustainable production is one of Thenergo's basic principles. The European 2020-goals, which have been converted into Flemish policy, are an important motivation for Thenergo's business. By the end of 2009, Thenergo will have established a yearly CO2-saving of 121,000 ton, and by the end of 2010, the company will be able to produce 660,000 MWhe of sustainable energy. With this production, Thenergo can supply approximately 180,000 households with sustainable electricity. By comparison, the 110 windmills in Flanders, with total gross installed capacity of 180 MWe, produced 300,000 MWhe in 2008. The fact that the G8 and other growing countries support the aim to reduce by half the CO2-emissions worldwide, by the year 2050, shows that in the future more and more of these initiatives will need to be undertaken. The energy goals of the Flemish coalition agreement are of big importance to Thenergo. Thenergo operates 30 operational projects in Flanders, the Netherlands and Germany, with a gross installed capacity of 77 MWe and 200 MWth and another 5 projects under construction. The basic principle behind all of Thenergo's projects is the combined heat and power technology. This entails the simultaneous production of warmth and electricity, thereby increasing the efficiency up to 95% in comparison to the 50% efficiency of traditional installations. Thenergo develops both green fuel projects (biogas, bio-oil and woody biomass) and sustainable fuel (natural gas) projects. About Thenergo Based in Belgium, Thenergo is a fast-growing, fully integrated and independent developer and operator of sustainable energy projects using biogas, natural gas, bio-oil and woody biomass. Thenergo creates value for its partners and shareholders as a one-stop provider of sustainable energy solutions, transforming renewable fuels into electricity and heat. For more information, please contact: Chris Belien General Counsel & Secretary T.: +32 3 292 96 99 Caroline Kerremans Communications Manager T.: + 32 3 292 97 01 Gateway House, Brusselstraat 59 B-2018 Antwerp Belgium This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.