Ad hoc: Constantia Packaging AG acquires 16.55 % of AMAG's shares from Constantia B.V.

Constantia Packaging AG (CPAG), Vienna, has been holding 73.45 % of the shares in Austria Metall AG (AMAG), Ranshofen, since September 2007. As of end of July the Group acquires further 16.55 %, i.e. 132.370 shares of AMAG from the Dutch CPB.V.. AMAG Arbeitnehmer Privatstiftung continues to hold 10 % of AMAG's shares; thus, Constantia Packaging AG is holding 90 % of AMAG's shares. Planned since the acquisition of the majority of shares in 2007, the acquisition of this share package has now been completed. As an exceptionally innovative company with a strong growth potential in attractive premium markets, AMAG perfectly fits into the Group's portfolio and meets essential investment criteria of Constantia Packaging AG. The attractiveness of this investment is rounded off by additional synergy effects in the areas of capacity utilisation, procurement as well as research and development, among others, which arise from AMAG's supply relationship with Constantia Flexibles. Even if those effects are disregarded, from today's point of view, the increase of capital investment in AMAG represents a consistently profitable investment that positively contributes toward the consolidated result, right from the start. This measure increases transparency and tightens the management structure at the same time. Since the Group has been AMAG's majority shareholder since 2007, this is merely an increase of AMAG's shares; hence, there is no need to conduct any costly reviews prior to the transaction. Likewise, a review by competition authorities is not required. The purchase price of EUR 75 million was determined by an auditing firm, based on the excellent strategic positioning of AMAG and the current economic environment. In the meantime, we also reviewed the option of a state guarantee of the federal state of upper Austria to fund the purchase. During the pragmatic and highly professional talks held with the financial department of the province of Upper Austria, we found that, due to EU requirements, a provincial liability would not have offered an optimal financing structure. The acquisition is now financed by a consortium of banks that consists of CPAG's and AMAG's house banks. The Constantia Packaging Group operates in the "aluminium", "corrugated board" and "flexible packaging" sectors. Approximately 7,600 employees in 20 European, Asian and American countries produce raw aluminium, semi-finished aluminium products as well as aluminium, plastic and corrugated board packaging for the food, drinks, pharmaceuticals, automotive and aviation industries. - End of announcement - Contact and enquiries: Constantia Packaging AG Veronika Zügel Head of Communications Wolfgang Schwaiger Head of Investor Relations Hanno M. Bästlein Chief Executive Officer Opernring 17, A-1010 Vienna Phone: +43 (01) 588 55-0 Fax: +43 (01) 588 55-106 E-mail:, Website: This announcement was originally distributed by Hugin. The issuer is solely responsible for the content of this announcement.