200,000 Orion A-shares converted into B-shares

ORION CORPORATION  STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE  4 JAN 2010  AT 9.40 AM EET 200,000 Orion A-shares converted into B-shares In accordance with Section 3 of the Articles of Association of Orion Corporation, 200,000 A-shares have been converted into 200,000  B-shares. The conversion has been entered into the Trade Register on 4 January 2010. The total number of shares in Orion Corporation is 141,257,828  which, after the conversion, consists of 51,140,668 A-shares and  90,117,160 B-shares. Orion Corporation Olli Huotari                                Jari Karlson Senior VP, Corporate Functions  CFO Publisher: Orion Corporation Communications Orionintie 1A, FI-02200 Espoo, Finland Homepage: www.orion.fi [HUG#1369809]