G4S plc UK DK : AGM Statement

26 May 2016


AGM 2016 Poll Results

G4S plc, the parent company of the G4S global security group, announces that, at its AGM held on 26 May 2016, all the resolutions put to shareholders were duly passed.

This included resolutions: to allow the payment of political donations; to amend the company's articles of association; to allow general meetings other than AGMs to be called on 14 days' notice; and a general authority to make market purchases for up to 10% of its own shares.

The board has no present intention of utilising the authority to buy back shares, which has been renewed in accordance with common business practice.

The results of the poll on the resolutions put before the AGM are:


For % Against % Withheld* Total votes
1. To adopt the financial statements and reports of directors and auditor1,306,237,198>99.9921,073<0.01206,8771,306,465,148
2. To approve the Directors' remuneration report1,280,102,71698.0026,121,8952.00236,8801,306,461,491
3. To confirm and declare the dividend1,276,389,46297.7129,968,5922.29106,4381,306,464,492
4. Election of John Daly as a director1,302,335,92299.703,943,5880.30176,7911,306,456,301
5. Re-election of Ashley Almanza as a director1,301,684,81699.654,606,2830.35164,8021,306,455,901
6. Re-election of John Connolly as a director1,296,555,85099.318,984,0150.69913,9321,306,453,797
7. Re-election of Winnie Kin Wah Fok as a director1,303,539,08099.792,734,1550.21180,5631,306,453,798
8. Re-election of Himanshu Raja as a director1,300,588,78799.565,686,1750.44178,8361,306,453,798
9. Re-election of Paul Spence as a director 1,303,730,40099.802,549,8820.20173,5161,306,453,798
10. Re-election of Clare Spottiswoode as a director 1,284,648,44798.3521,594,1671.65211,1841,306,453,798
11. Re-election of Tim Weller as a director 1,303,548,17399.792,726,6820.21178,9431,306,453,798
12. To re-appoint
Coopers LLP
as auditor
13. To authorise the audit committee of the board to determine the auditor's remuneration1,306,209,15099.99132,7740.01106,6451,306,448,569
14. To authorise the directors to allot shares up to a specified amount1,290,994,37499.1211,455,1420.884,009,0121,306,458,528
15. Special resolution to give authority to directors to disapply statutory pre-emption rights1,245,751,48895.3860,348,4204.62358,1691,306,458,077
16. Special resolution to give limited authority for the purchase of its own shares by the company1,299,989,32699.536,151,8390.47321,1811,306,462,346
17. Authority to make political donations and incur political expenditure 1,291,078,49499.249,913,1410.765,478,1481,306,469,783
18. Special resolution to approve an amendment to the company's articles of association 1,274,228,07097.5731,785,8212.43428,5921,306,442,483
19. Special resolution to authorise the calling of general meetings (excluding Annual General Meetings) on 14 days' notice1,185,677,39290.76120,676,4539.2494,4121,306,448,257

Adam Crozier and Mark Elliott retired from the board at the conclusion of the meeting and so there were no resolutions relating to their re-election.

In compliance with Listing Rule 9.6.2R, copies of resolutions 15 to 19 will be forwarded to the FCA for publication through its document viewing facility where they will shortly be available for inspection at www.morningstar.co.uk/uk/NSM .

The percentage of issued share capital which was voted was 84.2%**.

* Votes withheld are not votes in law and are not counted in the calculation of the proportion of the votes for and against a resolution.

**Total voting rights of the shares in issue: 1,551,594,436. Every shareholder has one vote for every ordinary share held.

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G4S plc

G4S is the leading global integrated security company, specialising in the provision of security products, services and solutions. The group is active in around 100 countries and is the largest employer quoted on the London Stock Exchanges with over 610,000 employees and has a secondary stock exchange listing in Copenhagen.

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