Kamux Oyj: Kamux Corporation has applied for its shares to be listed on the main market of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd

KAMUX CORPORATION         STOCK EXCHANGE RELEASE        2 May 2017 at 9:30 am


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Kamux Corporation has applied for its shares to be listed on the main market of Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd

Kamux Corporation ("Kamux" or the "Company") has today submitted a listing application with Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd ("Helsinki Stock Exchange") to list the Company's shares first on the pre-list and then on the official list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange. Trading in the shares is expected to commence on the pre-list of the Helsinki Stock Exchange on or about May 12, 2017 and on the main market on or about May 16, 2017.

For further information

Juha Kalliokoski, CEO and Founder, Kamux Corporation, +358 50 544 5538

Matti Virtanen, Chairman of the Board, Kamux Corporation, +358 50 434 7676

Satu Heikkilä, Head of Communications and Marketing, Kamux Corporation, +358 400 629 337


About Kamux

Kamux is a retail chain specializing in the sale of used cars and related integrated services that has grown rapidly. The first Kamux car showroom started its operations in 2003 in Hämeenlinna, Finland and the Company currently has 37 car showrooms in Finland, nine in Sweden and two in Germany. In addition, Kamux aims to open two new car showrooms in Finland during May 2017. Since its foundation, the Company has sold more than 140,000 used cars, of which 36,290 were sold in 2016. Kamux's revenue reached EUR 405 million in 2016. Adjusted operating profit [1] was EUR 18 million, resulting in an adjusted operating profit margin 1 of 4.4 percent in 2016. Kamux employed 552 employees at the end of 2016, of which 272 were permanent employees.

Kamux's business is based on professional procurement and sale of used cars, low fixed costs, rapid inventory turnover and sales of integrated services. Kamux's business model makes it possible to offer affordable used cars and the aim of the Company is to continuously develop its operations to better address customer needs.

In accordance with its business model, Kamux also offers its customers integrated services related with car sales, enabling it to serve its customers more comprehensively. Kamux offers its customers financing products from third-party service providers at all of its car showrooms in Finland, Sweden and Germany. In addition, Kamux offers insurance products and a liability extension, Kamux Plus, to cover car repair costs in Finland and Sweden. A key component of Kamux's customer service concept in Finland and Sweden is the delivery of the purchased car to a location agreed with the customer and, if needed, the simultaneous pick-up of a possible trade-in car.

Kamux acquires used cars from car auctions, leasing companies, other car dealers, financing companies, importers, private individuals and other sources. Kamux's entire car selection is available to all of its sales personnel at all of Kamux's car showrooms in Finland as well as countrywide in Sweden and Germany. In 2016, approximately 27 percent of the cars sold by Kamux were cross-sold through another Kamux car showroom.

More information on Kamux is available on the Company web pages at www.kamux.com.

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[1] Operating profit adjusted for costs relating to the listing, special items relating to strategic planning and strategy implementation, special items relating to expansion of business and cash-settled share-based payments related to redemption of treasury shares.

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