Feintool R&D premieres new environmentally compatible chlorine-free fineblanking oils

As the global technology leader in fineblanking and forming, Feintool traditionally carries out its research in conjunction with leading international universities. This year's Feintool university colloquium once again yielded rapidly implementable customer benefits, most notably in the form of new, environmentally compatible chlorine-free lubricants. Feintool's success as the technology leader in fineblanking and forming derives firstly from the pioneering spirit of company founder Fritz Boesch and secondly from the research and development collaboration with specialist departments at universities in Switzerland, Germany, China and the United States. This collaboration is not just restricted to basic research but extends to applied R&D covering the entire process chain. By bringing together specialist skills and focusing on customer-oriented solutions, the aim is to retain the leading position of this globally used technology process. New applications and technologically perfected and cost-optimized fineblanking and forming processes that open up new markets for Feintool's technology and press customers while at the same time encouraging an environmentally aware use of resources serve as both an objective and an incentive. Theory and practice provide rapidly implementable customer benefits Working with its partners in academia, Feintool is using theory and practice - in other words science coupled with top-notch technical and manufacturing performance - to further expand its competitive lead for the years ahead and provide comprehensive support for its customers. Results are presented and new goals agreed at the university colloquia that Feintool regularly organizes with its international university partners. Feintool university colloquium 2007 in Munich This year's colloquium, attended by the Chairman of the Feintool Board of Directors and Group management, took place at utg, the Technical University of Munich's Institute of Metal Forming and Casting. Prof. Hartmut Hoffmann, the Institute's head, and Professors Fritz Klocke of RWTH Aachen, Pavel Hora from ETH Zurich, Xueyu Ruan of SRI University Shanghai und Robert H. Wagoner from Ohio State University Cincinnati presented the results of their work. As project manager, the Feintool Group's Chief Technology Officer, Arthur Locher, is responsible for ensuring that Feintool's operational divisions can successfully use these results in the market place in consultation with key account customers and without infringing the universities' intellectual property rights. Feintool premieres new environmentally compatible chlorine-free fineblanking oils In an interdisciplinary consortium with reputable partners from the petroleum industry such as WISURA and coating experts such as Oerlikon Balzers, Feintool has developed and tested forward-looking chlorine-free fineblanking oils at the machine tools laboratory at RWTH Aachen. By adopting innovative approaches it has been possible to overcome earlier setbacks to develop fully fledged solutions that have yielded positive results in real-life testing with a large number of customers. The advantages offered by the new products cover the entire process, making them more cost-efficient, quality-enhancing and, above all, environmentally compatible. An improvement in the performance of selected tools in the production environment goes hand-in-hand with a reduction in oil consumption. Series-production parts and the systems on which they are manufactured are automatically protected against corrosion. The need for expensive part cleaning and anti-corrosion treatment is eliminated along with the costs of disposing of chlorine-contaminated scrap metal. Moreover, the new fineblanking oils represent a significant step forward for employee health and environmental compatibility overall. This is Feintool's good news for its customers - news that is entirely in keeping with last year's environmental certification at the Group's Lyss headquarters in Switzerland. For further information, please contact: Arthur Locher, Chief Technology Officer Dr. Rolf-A. Schmidt, Head of Technology Services Phone +41 (0)32 387 51 11 Feintool is a leading technology and systems provider in fineblanking/forming and assembly automation. It is also a global supplier of metal and plastic components. Feintool operates throughout the world at the company's own facilities in Switzerland (head office in Lyss), Germany, France, Italy, Great Britain, the United States, Japan, China and Thailand, where around 1800 employees are committed to customer satisfaction. Feintool International Holding Industriering 8, CH-3250 Lyss Phone +41 (0)32 387 51 11 Fax +41 (0)32 387 57 81 feintool-fim@feintool.com www.feintool.com Head of Corporate Communications Urs Feitknecht Phone +41 (0)32 387 51 63 Fax +41 (0)32 387 54 16 Mobile 079 204 41 13 urs.feitknecht@feintool.com The media release can be downloaded from the following link: --- End of Message --- Feintool International Holding Industriering 8 Lyss Schweiz WKN: 905428; ISIN: CH0009320091 ; Index: SPI, SPIEX, SSCI; Listed: Main Market in SWX Swiss Exchange;