Deva Holding A.S. announces restart of construction at Cerkezkoy plant and rapid resolution of administrative fine

London, 05 October 2007 - Hereunder is the announcement made today by EastPharma's subsidiary Deva Holding A.S. to (the Administration of Istanbul Stock Exchange in accordance with the Capital Markets Board's communiqué serial VIII, No:39) the Istanbul Stock Exchange: * Construction of new solid production plant restarted at Cerkezkoy site as of today * New solid production plant expected to be completed within original time frame * Cash settlement of fine leads to reduced consideration "Deva Holding A.S., ("the Company"), in which Eastpharma Ltd owns 100% A shares, 92.00% of B shares and 86.43% C shares, is pleased to announce that it has restarted the building of its new solid production plant, which was halted on July 30th, 2007. The Company also announces a rapid resolution of the administrative fine imposed on one of the sections of its production plant located in the town of Cerkezkoy by the Tekirdag Governorship Provincial Environment and Forest Directorate, as previously announced on 14 September 2007. As part of the settlement with the aforementioned Directorate, the Company has resolved all environmental legislation requirements related to the fine. By paying in cash, the Company has benefited from a 25% discount to the original fine consideration of YTL 2,700,000, reducing the net cost to the Company to YTL 2,025,000 (approx USD 1.67m). Baki Taskiran, CEO of EastPharma, said: "We are very pleased that the building of the new solid plant at Cerkezkoy has restarted and, following discussion with our building contractors, we expect a delay in the construction for this part of the new production site, however this delay will be ccompansated and we will complete the relocation within the original time frame, by the end of March 2008. The issues relating to the fine for one of the sections of the Cerkezkoy production plant took place in early 90s, and therefore well before EastPharma acquired its controlling stake in the Company in 2006. EastPharma is fully committed to best practice in fulfilling its environmental requirements and as soon as we were notified of the fine we took speedy action to address the matter. I am very pleased to announce a rapid resolution to this issue". For further information, please contact: EastPharma Limited Idil Bora - Investor Relations Tel.: + 90 (212) 6929326 ---END OF MESSAGE---