Germany's Top Companies: GENEART has Reached the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2007" Final

- Ernst & Young recognizes the best mid-tier companies in Germany. - Stellar growth rates and a push toward innovation have earned the GENEART team a place in the final. - The popular prize for top performing companies will be awarded on October 19, 2007, in the Old Opera House (Alte Oper) in Frankfurt. Regensburg, October 10, 2007 - The GENEART AG has reached the final in the industrial category of the "Entrepreneur of the Year 2007" competition. The award recognizes first rate entrepreneurial accomplishments. Only the fastest growing and most innovative companies in Germany are nominated for the Entrepreneur of the Year Award. The accounting and advisory services firm Ernst & Young awards the prize to the best German mid-tier companies. Formidable award criteria distinguish this prize from others. As Wolfgang Glauner, organizer and project manager of the prize, points out, "To evaluate the achievements of a candidate we don't just look at the company's key figures but also rely on personal interviews." An independent jury of outstanding experts now faces a tough decision. The jury will determine the winners in the categories industry, commerce, services, information, and communications technologies/media and also have to elect a winner among the start-ups. On October 19, 2007, the winners will be announced in a festive ceremony at the Old Opera House (Alte Oper) in Frankfurt (Germany). On this occasion, all finalists are also recognized and inducted into the Entrepreneur of the Year Club, which is the "Hall of Fame" for entrepreneurs in Germany. The GENEART AG is the leading global producer of synthetic genes and specialist in synthetic biology. On average, the publicly traded company has increased its sales by 70 % every year since its inception. The trend is expected to continue with a significant boost in sales for 2007. With now more than 140 employees, the GENEART AG provides key technologies worldwide, which allow a significantly faster and more cost-effective access to genes than the traditional methods in molecular biology. "Currently, the production of synthetic genes in general and the GENEART technology platform in particular transition from niche applications to standard products for molecular biology research. Meanwhile, every one of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, many international biotechnology companies and renowned research institutes take advantage of the GENEART service portfolio", comments Professor Ralf Wagner, CEO of GENEART. For further inquiries, please contact: Bernd Merkl GENEART AG Josef-Engert-Str. 11 D-93053 Regensburg Germany Phone: +49-(0)941-942 76 - 638 Fax: +49-(0)941-942 76 - 711 Legal Information This document may contain estimates, prognoses and opinions about company plans and objectives, products or services, future results, opinions about these results or opinions leading up to these results. All these projections into the future are subject to risk, uncertainty and unforeseeable change outside the control of the GENEART Group. Many factors may lead to actual results, which considerably deviate from the given projections for these results. About GENEART AG In 2000, GENEART entered the gene synthesis market and has since become the global market leader. Today, the company is one of the leading specialists in the synthetic biology field. Experts at GENEART provide key technologies for the development and production of new therapeutics and vaccines. Customers also take advantage of GENEART services to customize enzyme attributes, such as the attributes of enzymes used as detergent additives, and to construct bacteria, which produce complex biopolymers or break down polymers, such as synthetics, petroleum components, etc. Our production and service spectrum spans a wide range, from the production of synthetic genes according to DIN EN ISO 9001-2000, to the creation of gene libraries in the combinatorial biology, to the development and production of DNA-based biologically active substances. The GENEART AG in Regensburg (Germany) and the subsidiary GENEART Inc. in Toronto (Canada) employ more than 140 people. Since May 2006, GENEART is listed on the German Stock Exchange. About the "Entrepreneur of the Year" Competition: Ernst & Young organizes "Entrepreneur of the Year" competitions in 50 countries worldwide. In Germany, the year 2007 is the 11th year of honoring companies with the award. The prizes are awarded in recognition of first-rate entrepreneurial performance. An impartial jury of first rate business executives and scientists selects the "Entrepreneur of the Year" in the categories industry, commerce, services, information and communications technology/media as well as in the start-up division. Well-known companies and the media support the competition as partners, among them are BMW, IKB Deutsche Industriebank, Capgemini, the national newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine and the Manager Magazine. About Ernst & Young: The business services firm Ernst & Young AG (Certified Public Accountants and Tax Consultants) with headquarters in Stuttgart is one of the three dominant German business auditing and advisory firms. The firm is part of the International Ernst & Young Global network. Ernst & Young tax consultants rank first among German auditors and tax consultants. In Germany, Ernst & Young employs 6,250 people in 21 locations. In 2005/2006, the firm achieved roughly EURO 1.01B in sales. The 114,000 Ernst & Young Global employees achieved US$ 18.4B in sales in the same period. The German Ernst & Young network partners with large and mid-sized companies offering a comprehensive portfolio of business services as auditors and tax consultants. The firm also supports companies as advisors in business transactions as well as in management, risk and real estate decisions.