16.5 million Kinepolis visitors from January to September 2007

Between July and September inclusive, Kinepolis Group welcomed 5.8 million film enthusiasts, 4.4%* more than in the third quarter of 2006. As of the end of September 2007, the number of cinema tickets sold stood at 16.5 million*, a slight fall of 1.8% compared with the same period in 2006 (16.8 million*). July and August were successful in terms of ticket sales thanks to the range of popular films on offer, including a host of children's and family films, and this largely offset the weaker visitor figures recorded in the first half of the year. Ticket sales in September were only moderate. The successful figures of the third quarter of 2006 (cf. 'Pirates: Dead Men's Chest', the best scoring film of the year 2006) were exceeded by 4.4%* in the third quarter of 2007.