Stork: growth in turnover and orders received in third quarter, result lags behind

* EBIT Q3 2007: ¤ 20 mln (Q3 2006: ¤ 27 mln) * Net result Q3: ¤ 17 mln, eps: ¤ 0.56 (Q3 2006: ¤ 25 mln, eps: ¤ 0.78) * Turnover up 14%: ¤ 520 mln (Q3 2006: ¤ 458 mln) * Orders received up 12%: ¤ 522 mln (Q3 2006: ¤ 464 mln) * Order book up 9%: ¤ 1,155 mln (Q3 2006: ¤ 1,061 mln) CEO Sjoerd Vollebregt: "Turnover and orders received have shown good growth in the third quarter. However the result is trailing behind. This is mainly caused by the lower results of Aerospace. On balance, Food Systems has shown an improvement with respect to the corresponding quarter in 2006, despite the negative contribution of Food & Dairy. Technical Services achieved very good results. The total order book is developing well and therefore it is expected that the operational result for the fourth quarter of 2007 will be higher than that in the third quarter of 2007. The uncertainty that has been surrounding Stork for almost two years now is increasingly leaving its marks. Everything possible is being done to steer the company into calmer waters, which will enable us continue to build the company's future in the interest of all our stakeholders." Please open the link below to view the complete press release including tables: