IFCO SYSTEMS reports significant profitability and cash flow improvements in

* Q3 2007 revenues 9.3% above prior year levels as a result of volume growth in both business segments. * Q3 2007 EBITDA 51.3% above prior year levels due to improved performance in the RPC-Management-Services business segment and the continuing recovery of the Pallet-Management-Services business segment. * Q3 2007 operating cash flows from continuing operations before income tax payments increased 87.2% compared to Q3 2006 due to higher operating profit levels and improved working capital performance. IFCO SYSTEMS' year-over-year profitability improved significantly in Q3 2007. Aside from the continuing operational recovery of the Pallet-Management-Services business segment, which led the improvement, operating earnings in our RPC-Management-Services segment also grew significantly. Operating cash flows grew in excess of IFCO SYSTEMS' profitability improvements. Revenues in Q3 2007 increased by 9.3% to US $173.8 million (YTD 2007, 4.4% to US $511.7 million). RPC-Management-Services' Q3 2007 revenues grew by 9.9% to US $85.6 million compared to Q3 2006 (YTD 2007, 14.5% to US $239.2 million) and Pallet-Management-Services' revenues grew by 8.8% compared to the prior year quarter to US $88.3 million (YTD 2007, negative 3.0% to US $272.5 million). Gross profit margin increased by 5.1 percentage points to 17.9% in Q3 2007 (YTD 2007, increased 1.0 percentage point to 17.4%). As with the revenue gains described above, the gross profit margin increase in Q3 2007 was the result of improvement in both key business segments. RPC-Management-Services' gross profit margin improved by 3.4 percentage points in Q3 2007. European gains were the result of higher volumes in more profitable countries, further positive economies of scale, and lower relative depreciation levels. US gross profit margin improved primarily due to a more efficient operational cost structure, partially offset by higher depreciation charges. Pallet-Management-Services' gross profit margin improved by 6.7 percentage points to 12.5% in Q3 2007, as this segment continues to recover following the ICE investigation. EBITDA significantly increased by 51.3% to US $28.7 million in Q3 2007 (YTD 2007, grew by 9.7% to US $77.4 million) and LTM Q3 2007 EBITDA reached a level of US $103.1 million. EBITDA in the RPC-Management-Services business segment grew by 20.4% in Q3 2007 compared to Q3 2006 (currency adjusted by 13.1%), and YTD 2007 EBITDA improved by 11.2% to US $65.0 million (currency adjusted by 4.9%). Pallet-Management-Services' EBITDA significantly increased to US $6.1 million in Q3 2007 compared to negative US $0.4 million in Q3 2006, and YTD 2007 increased 3.3% to US $16.0 million. Operating cash flows from continuing operations before income tax payments increased in Q3 2007 by 87.2% or US $19.8 million to US $42.4 million, compared to Q3 2006, as a result of higher operating profit levels and improved working capital performance. YTD 2007 operating cash flows increased by 36.6% or US $21.7 million as compared to YTD 2006. The improved working capital was primarily the result of lower inventory and higher accounts payable levels. Capital expenditure levels declined 32.0% in YTD 2007, largely due to the acquisition of the CHEP USA RPC assets in Q1 2006. Excluding both the CHEP USA RPC asset acquisition in Q1 2006 and the acquisition of the shares in IFCO SYSTEMS Argentina S.A. in Q3 2007, YTD 2007 capital expenditure levels decreased by 6.2% as compared to YTD 2006. ROCE from continuing operations, on a LTM basis, decreased to 17.5% as of September 30, 2007, compared to 22.0% as of September 30, 2006. However, ROCE has increased sustainably each quarter since Q1 2007 US $ in Q3 2007 Q3 2006 % YTD YTD % LTM Q3 thousands, Change 2007 2006 Change 2007 except per share amounts Revenues 173,838 159,055 9.3% 511,739 490,025 4.4% 668,950 Gross profit 31,164 20,340 53.2% 89,046 80,160 11.1% 117,852 Gross profit margin 17.9% 12.8% 17.4% 16.4% 17.6% EBITDA 28,738 18,997 51.3% 77,399 70,549 9.7% 103,124 EBITDA margin 16.5% 11.9% 15.1% 14.4% 15.4% EBIT 17,846 9,110 95.9% 47,472 44,329 7.1% 65,426 EBIT margin 10.3% 5.7% 9.3% 9.0% 9.8% Net profit (loss) 10,099 (1,968) 22,433 21,637 3.7% 38,083 Net profit (loss) per share - basic 0.19 (0.04) 0.41 0.41 1.4% 0.70 Net profit (loss) per share - diluted 0.19 (0.04) 0.41 0.40 2.3% 0.70 Operating cash flows from continuing operations 42,443 22,669 87.2% 80,937 59,230 36.6% 113,989 Capital expenditures from continuing operations 21,597 11,999 80.0% 52,915 77,873 (32.0%) 76,342 Return on capital employed (ROCE) 17.5% 22.0% Outlook: IFCO SYSTEMS expects that the economy in Europe will slightly improve, while the Company sees indications that economic growth in the United States is slowing moderately. IFCO SYSTEMS continues to estimate good market conditions for both of its business segments. As experienced in recent quarters through improving operating margins, IFCO SYSTEMS expects that the disruption in its US Pallet-Management-Services segment resulting from the ICE investigation will continue to have a lessening effect on these operations in future periods. The Company anticipates that the recovery in the productivity and profitability of the Pallet-Management-Services segment will continue, that legal costs related to the ICE investigation will decline in future periods, and therefore anticipates an improved result for fiscal 2007 as compared to fiscal 2006. As a result IFCO SYSTEMS expects improved profitability for the Company in fiscal 2007 as compared to fiscal 2006. For further explanations, please see IFCO SYSTEMS' quarterly report, which will be filed with the Deutsche Börse AG on or about November 08, 2007, and will be available on the Company's website www.ifcosystems.com or www.ifcosystems.de. This release contains forward-looking statements that reflect Management's current view with respect to future events. All statements contained in this release that are not clearly historical in nature or necessarily depend on future events are forward-looking. The words "anticipate", "believe", "expect", "estimate", "planned" and similar expressions are generally intended to identify forward-looking statements. These statements are based on current expectations, estimates and projections of the Management on currently available information. Many factors could cause the actual results, performance or achievements to be materially different from those that may be expressed or implied by such statements. 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