Shareholders BinckBank approve acquisition and financing Alex

The Management Board of BinckBank N.V. herewith announces that the shareholders of BinckBank N.V. have approved the acquisition of Alex Beleggersbank and the financing of the acquisition as previously announced, during an extraordinary general meeting of shareholders this morning. The shareholders have also approved the appointment of Mr. Drs. L. Deuzeman as a new member of the Supervisory Board of BinckBank N.V. under the condition that the Dutch Central Bank will take a positive decision with respect hereto. Information on BinckBank N.V. BinckBank is an online bank for investors. We offer our clients fast, low-cost access to all the major financial markets of the world, accurate administrative processing of securities and cash transactions and extensive market information. BinckBank is a listed, independent online bank with platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium and employs approximately 230 people (year-end 2006). BinckBank's operations are carried out by two business units being Retail and Professional Services. More information: BinckBank Headoffice Telephone: +31 (0)20 522 03 43