Mr. Gene: Launch of the Worldwide First B2B eCommerce Platform for Genetic Engineering

* Worldwide, Mr. Gene breaks ground as the first platform to process orders for custom-designed genes online! * The B2B concept targets scientists, universities and public research institutes * The very low prices will expand the market for custom-designed genes * The eCommerce strategy and the global purchase of manufacturing capacities ensure competitive pricing * Biosafety ranks high with Mr. Gene * Mr. Gene starts operations on November 20, 2007 Regensburg, November 20, 2007 - Finally! Synthetic genes are now also available online. On November 20, Mr. Gene will break ground as the first eCommerce platform ( for custom-designed genes worldwide. Primarily, the B2B concept targets scientists working in universities and public research institutes. The R&D projects of these target groups feature at their very center genes and gene sequences from all kinds of organisms. Increasingly, the specific scientific projects call for 'custom-designed' genes. The better the price for a specific gene and the easier the access to it, the better it fares in the market. The Mr. Gene concept is simple: Mr. Gene accepts orders via the Internet. The customer designs the genes in a "do-it-yourself" procedure, or computer-assisted by expert software as needed. The customer is invoiced or pays by credit card. The eCommerce strategy and the global procurement of production capacities from different manufacturers enable us to offer the end customer very competitive prices. The market for synthetic genes has advanced rapidly thanks to the introduction of industrial manufacturing techniques and the steadily expanding production capacities. Mr. Gene and its eCommerce platform serve the currently fast growing market segment for standard applications involving synthetic genes. The Mr. Gene sales prices at the lower end of the market range will also significantly contribute to a further opening of the high-volume gene synthesis market. Even academic scientists are no longer left to do the tedious laboratory work of fitting genes to their projects. Mr. Gene recommends: "Don't waste your time with unnecessary cloning! Simply get the desired DNA sequence from Mr. Gene at a very good price." Of course, safety is at highest priority for the online order services as well. Each and every order is scrutinized twice for biosafety to prevent potentially hazardous gene sequences from falling into the wrong hands. Only above-board orders are going to be accepted. For further inquiries, please contact: Mr. Gene GmbH Im Gewerbepark B32 D-93059 Regensburg Phone: +49-(0)941-5695322 Background information: About Mr. Gene GmbH Mr. Gene is an e-commerce platform for ordering synthetic DNA. The website provides the ultimate suite for analysis and optimization of DNA sequences. Users can engineer their sequences to meet their specific requirements. The easy-to-use online tools guide the user from project setup to order processing. All processes are automated and by acquiring excess capacities from OEM gene manufactures around the world, Mr. Gene can offer the best prices on the market. Our vision is to provide every industrial and academic facility access to these valuable tools, thereby promoting the progression of Life Science research.