KION Group plans to expand its hydraulics and components business

- Hydraulics & Components business to form a separate division - Klaus Hofmann appointed Chairman of the new division's Board - Karl-Heinz Birkner appointed CFO of the division Wiesbaden / Aschaffenburg, November 29, 2007 - KION Group GmbH, one of the two leading manufacturers of industrial trucks in the world, is planning to expand its hydraulics and components business significantly over the next few years. The first stage in the process will be the amalgamation of the hydraulics operations of Linde Material Handling GmbH in Aschaffenburg with the component manufacturing facilities in the Czech Republic and Germany to form a separate Hydraulics & Components division with full responsibility for its own sales and results. The newly formed division employs approximately 2,000 staff in seven different locations around the world. The division's product range includes high-pressure hydraulic pumps and valves, electronic control units, complete drive shafts, counterbalances and casting components for hydraulics applications. Gordon Riske, COO of the KION Group and CEO of Linde Material Handling, said: "We have outstanding technological skills in the hydraulics and components field. We intend to increase significantly the marketing of these skills outside the KION Group. Our aim is to achieve substantial growth in sales over the next few years in the hydraulics and components business." Current users of Linde hydraulic systems include numerous manufacturers of stationary and mobile equipment and trucks used in the construction industry, in forestry and farming, and by local authorities. Expansion of the business with OEM customers should ensure that the Hydraulics & Components division achieves a high level of growth. The world market for hydraulics and drive components, which is worth 16 billion euro annually, is growing at an average long-term rate of around 8 percent. Furthermore, setting up a separate division is to continue to improve cross-brand cooperation in the components field between Linde, Still and OM within the KION Group. Effective December 1, 2007, the Chairman of the new Hydraulics & Components division will be Klaus Hofmann, a member of the Management Board of Linde Material Handling GmbH, who will be responsible for operations and will work closely together with the division's CFO, Karl-Heinz Birkner, head of in-house consulting at KION Group GmbH. Klaus Hofmann will represent the Hydraulics & Components division on the Executive Committee of the KION Group. The members of the division's enlarged management team will be Dr Christoph Kempermann (Marketing & Sales), Dr Bernward Welschof (Development) and Peter Kolb (Production), who were responsible for these functions in the former Linde Hydraulics division. Dr Stefan Rinck, who has until now been responsible for Hydraulics on the Management Board of Linde Material Handling GmbH, is to leave the company of his own volition, to assume a new role outside the group. The KION Group The KION Group is the market leader in Europe and world number 2 in the forklift truck and warehouse equipment sector and provides the highest level of technological competence and service to its customers. In fiscal 2006, it achieved sales of around 4.0 billion euro with over 20,000 employees. The KION Group has three differentiated brands, Linde, STILL and OM, each with different technologies and specific applications. With its hydrostatic technology, Linde Material Handling offers a unique drive concept, while STILL is the leading supplier of electric truck technology to the European market. Whereas the top-end suppliers Linde and STILL are technological leaders in their respective fields, KION is also ideally suited to supply the value segment via its OM product range. For further information: Michael Hauger Head of Communications and Investor Relations Telephone: +49.611.770-655