Capital Increase In Deva

London, 10 October 2008 - EastPharma (EAST LI), a company active in the manufacturing and marketing of branded generic and in-licensed pharmaceutical products in Turkey and selected emerging markets, announces today that the Board of Directors of Deva Holding has approved an increase in the capital of Deva Holding from YTL 48,000,000 to YTL 100,000,000. EastPharma will exercise its pre-emptive rights in full. The monies raised amounts to YTL 52,000,000, (approximately USD 37.6mn at the exchange rate of October 9). The capital increase is being carried out to improve Deva Holding's working capital. For further information, please contact: EastPharma Idil Bora - Investor Relations Tel: + 90 (212) 6929326 ---END OF MESSAGE---